March 4, 1754

1754 March 4 (Monday).  I went over to t’other House, a.m.  Ebenezer and I measur’d the Lines of the Piece of Land mark’d out for Mr. Smith.  P.M. I pray’d with the Town at their Meeting and receiv’d at Eve another uncomfortable Letter from my Brother Martyn.[1]  This Paper War with this Gentleman is the Grief of my Heart:  it being the most peculiarly happy thing for ministers in the Same Town to be well united, and the most grievous when tis otherwise.  Witness Woburn and Sutton nearer home.

[1]John Martyn of Northborough.  The editor has not discovered in this diary, in local histories or in church records any clue relating to the cause of this dispute between Martyn and Parkman.