February 26, 1754

1754 February 26 (Tuesday).  Went over to my sons, the Smiths being there; and find ‘em much against having their Line to run to the North so far as the Settle.  They want a Notch behind the Barn to take in the low Ground Behind the Barn.  We all din’d at my sons.  P.M. we find we cannot agree about the Line there having been nothing Said in the written Bargain about this nor by Word of Mouth only that it Should go as far East as the West End of the Barn and I conceiv’d nothing but that he would Choose to go North; except that likewise I insisted that my Land should not be cut into bad forms and notches.  We therefore broke wholly off — writ it and sign’d it.  So old Mr. Smith took his Leave and went home, parting in peace.  But his son stayed and when I was going away he ask’d me to walk down to the Barn which I comply’d with.  And no sooner were we come to the East End of the Barn than Mr. Smith started a new Proposal for the Line of his 7 Acres — and to include the Barn for his Over plus — this I hearkened to; but not being well, and much worry’d would Say nothing to, to Night.  Mr. Smith tarry’d and lodg’d there.  In my way home visited Mr. Dodge and his wife and Neighbour Hezekiah Pratt and his new Wife.  N.B. Roger Bruce Clear’d to Day, and lodges here.