May 27, 1752

1752 May 27 (Wednesday).  The General Election is at Concord, because of the Small Pox at Boston.  At Mr. Martyns Importunity I din’d at his House.  I rode home in Mr. Martyns Chair which I borrow’d for Ebenezer to go to Watertown.  Ebenezer and Thomas plant our South Field over again, it having been rooted up by young Piggs.  At Eve it rain’d: Billy did not return from his play at Mr. Martyns.  I rode to Mr. Jonah Warrins and brought home my Molly and Mrs. Molly Johnson (who is still at Work here) but Lucy lodg’d there.  At Night came old Mr. Fuller of Sutton, in his return home from Middleton and lodged here.  N.B. Mr. Winchester from Boston; he has left my Watch still with Mr. Atkinson.