May 21, 1752

1752 May 21 (Thursday).  Samuel Forbush carted Two Load of Boards, Oake and Pine from Mr. Maynards Mill.  Disappointed of the help I expected I undertook to preach my Self the Lecture preparatory to the Lords Supper — from 1 Cor. 11.26.  Having no Watch I preach’d too long.  Solemnized the Marriage of Mr. Daniel Adams[1] to Mr. Daniel Hardys only Child, at Mr. Hardys.  The Weather Exceeding Cold.  N.B. Our Kinswoman Mrs. Sally Brigham[2] here and din’d with us.

[1]Daniel Adams of Shrewsbury married Abigail Hardy of Westborough.

[2]Mrs. Parkman’s sister, Sarah Gott, married Uriah Brigham of Marlborough, July 12, 1750.  Hudson, Marlborough, p. 373.