April 30, 1752

1752 April 30 (Thursday).  Made return of Marriages to Mr. Francis Whipple, whom I Saw at Mr. Williams.  I din’t at old Mr. Rice’s.  A Dry Time — Signs of Rain, but they Seem to fail and go over.  It may put us in mind of our Conduct towards God with many Signs of Graciousness in our Profession, but very barren and unprofitable in our Hearts, and in our Conversation.  Mr. Winchester from Boston and his Wife from Cambridge bring News of Colonel Brattle’s Lady’s[1] Decease by the Small Pox.

[1]William Brattle (Harvard 1722) married Katherine, the daughter of Governor Gurdon Saltonstall on Nov. 13, 1727.  The Brattles lost five daughters and a son to the throat distemper (probably diphtheria), and Mrs. Brattle was ill with the same disease.  She recovered only to succumb to smallpox April 28, 1752.  Sibley, VII, 10-23.