April 15, 1752

1752 April 15 (Wednesday).  The Morning unseasonably Cold.  The Ground Froze at an unusual rate.  N.B. Mr. Maccarty lodg’d at Commisary Price’s.[1]  He preach’d the public Lecture from Jos. 24.24.  After Exercise Mr. Bridge of Framingham discover’d to me what he heard of Some of the Conduct of Deacon Millen at a certain neighbouring Ministers House, with regard to the late Council at Holliston, calling ‘em Numbskulls and Villains etc. whereupon I took opportunity and talk’d with him, and acquainted him with the Vote of the Council there “that he Should not speak again in the Council except he first make an acknowledgement of his bad Conduct Etc.”  As to Mr. Loring it was resolv’d that 2 or 3 of the Association make him a Visit and discourse with him upon his great Disgust with us, and that Messrs. Cushing, Barrett and Parkman go to him, and a Day was agreed upon — but I objected against my going, and propos’d Mr. Martyn; but it was not freely accepted.  My own private Affairs are at this Time in my new Circumstances, too much incumber’d to pretend to go abroad.  Messrs. Cushing, Martyn and Maccarty came home with me.  Mr. Dunlop has work’d in my New Garden, in digging up Roots, and subduing it; this is now the third Day.  Deacon Newton, I hear, is somewhat better.

[1]Roger Price of Hopkinton.