April 14, 1752

1752 April 14 (Tuesday).  Thomas and Molly ride to Cambridge to see their Aunt Lydia.[1]  Thomas rode on Mr. Samuel Fay’s Beast: Molly on her Brother Ebenezers.  I had word from Deacon Newtons that he was worse.  Mr. Maccarty, and afterwards Messrs. Cushing,[2] Martyn and Buckminster[3] rode to Ministers Meeting at Hopkinton but I was oblig’d to stay and visit Deacon Newton, but he not being (as I conceive) altogether so bad as others apprehended, I rode to Hopkinton where I was through the Day and over Night.  N.B. The Affair of Father Loring[4] took us up the Chief of our Time; except what Deacon Mellen[5] and his son Daniel had.  N.B. The Night exceeding Cold.

[1]Lydia Champney was the sister of Parkman’s first wife.

[2]Job Cushing of Shrewsbury.

[3]Joseph Buckminster of Rutland.

[4]Israel Loring of Sudbury.

[5]Henry Mellen of Hopkinton.