April 7, 1752

1752 April 7 (Tuesday).  Mr. Pierce and Elijah Rice work for me partly in digging and drawing Stones, and partly in building Stone Wall at the Front Corner next to the Road.  Mr. Harrington came with 4 Oxen, Mr. Simon Tainter came with his Fathers Team with 4 Oxen and brought Mr. Gashetts Plough, Mr. Grouts Son came with 4 Oxen, Mr. Pratt came with a Yoke of Oxen, and all these with my own join’d to them made up a team to break up, and follow’d it all Day — they broke up a Piece of Ground for a Garden Spott — and a Field in which I purpose to plant an Orchard, but it not being wholly compleated, they agree to come again all of them (but Mr. Grouts Son) tomorrow morning and finish the Work.  Mr. Pierce stays and lodges here.  N.B. Mr. Joseph Hagar from Waltham here with a Letter from Captain Livermore[1] concerning Mr. Forbush.  Mr. Eliezer Rice here and asks for a Copy of the Votes of the Church respecting him.  Merodach Baladan Smith[2] was married to Abigail Bruce.[3]

[1]Nathaniel Livermore.

[2]Merodackbaladin was the son of Jonathan Smith of Marlborough.  Hudson, Marlborough, p. 446.

[3]The daughter of Lieutenant Abijah Bruce.