April 3, 1752

1752 April 3 (Friday).  Mr. Claffland came to digg Stones, but being alone I ran to 3 or 4 near Neighbours for an Hand but in Vain.  He was forc’d to return home again.  N.B. he was to have brought Mr. William Pierce, but Mr. Pierce was gone to hewing Timber in Mr. Sherbourns Lott for my Barn.  For (by Lieutenant Tainters and Mr. Harringtons Means chiefly) a Number of Hands have freely gone and got a considerable Part of the Great Timber — and this Day Lieutenant Harrington brought Two Load of it to place, and Joseph Grout brought another Load — in all 22 Sticks — which is all the Large Timber for the Barn except Two posts, which another person is to provide.  A Singular Smile of divine Providence.  May God reward them for their Bounty and grant me grace to make a good use of it to divine Glory!  The three Carters din’d here with us.  P.M. My wife to See Mr. Edwards Whipples.