October 8, 1751

1751 October 8 (Tuesday).  Mr. Hutchinson came and rode with me to Ministers Meeting at Mr. Martyns.  N.B. Sir Forbush examin’d (as well as Mr. Jacob Cushing[1]) and approbated.  Several Brothers of Mr. Lorings[2] Church.  Mr. Loring inexorable.

[1]Jacob (Harvard 1748), the son of the Reverend Job Cushing of Shrewsbury, became the minister of the First Congregational Church of Waltham, 1752-1809.  Sibley, XII, 252-257.

[2]The Reverend Israel Loring of Sudbury.

October 11, 1751

1751 October 11 (Friday).  Mr. Martyn and his Wife (though a wet Day) with their Sister Monis[1] din’d here.  Mr. Gay[2] and his wife lodg’d last night at t’other House, the last night and to Day they Set out in the Rain.

[1]Abigail Marrett of Cambridge, who married Judah Monis, was the sister of Mrs. John Martyn of Northborough.  Kent, Northborough, p. 287.

[2]The Reverend Ebenezer Gay of Hingham.

October 15, 1751

1751 October 15 (Tuesday).  Lieutenant Tainter with his Team (a Load of Wood, Quarter of Lamb and a present of Salt Pork) to cut up and Cart home my Island Corn.  Joseph Grout junior with his Team, my William also came with our own — 8 Load of Cutt up Corn were brought home.  Old Mr. Rice and his sons (3 of them) and his son-in-law with a small number more, came in the afternoon and Evening and husk’d — till about Nine o’Clock at Night — a very Cold Evening.  Mr. Breck[1] of Springfield here and lodg’d here.

[1]The Reverend Robert Breck, Jr.

October 16, 1751

1751 October 16 (Wednesday).  My Corn was laid expos’d where there was no fence, so that I rose Early to look after it.  Mr. Breck went to Marlborough to carry up Cousen Betty Gott[1] to live with him.  Mr. Jonathan Bellows came and work’d for me to Day, in taking Care of the Husks, building up the Corn Bin etc.  N.B. Ephraim Bruce, Barnabas Newton and Jonathan Bellows.  P.M. Sent Billy into the Whipple Corner for help in Husking.  Nobody came till about 4 p.m. when Mr. Samuel Fay junior, Mr. Joseph Green junior, and four Ladds — Viz. Abner and Francis Whipple and two sons of Mr. Fay aforesaid came and husk’d.  N.B. Mr. Amsden came to see us.

[1]Elizabeth was the daughter of the late Dr. Benjamin Gott of Marlborough.

October 17, 1751

1751 October 17 (Thursday).  My little Daughter Susan very much indispos’d — but we ventur’d to go to Mr. Martyn with the Child, having appointed and engag’d it.  The last night so cold that the Horse was not able well to break the Ice through the Brook at Widow Tomlins.  Din’d at Mr. Martyns.  Mrs. Eager and her sister, Mrs. Patty Ward there.  We return’d at Eve.  Susen so ill we sent for Dr. Chase — who came.  My God prepare us for his holy will!

October 19, 1751

1751 October 19 (Saturday).  Suse very bad (of a Fever) Dr. Chase[1] tends upon her diligently.  God prepare us for His holy will!  hear that several Children and Youth are ill of Fever also.  The air much Warmer.  Suse (D.G.) better.

[1]Thomas Chase, born in Sutton, April 3, 1732, studied medicine with Dr. Benjamin Morse of Sutton.  He lived and practiced in Westborough in the 1750’s.  Some time after 1760 he moved to New York.

October 22, 1751

1751 October 22 (Tuesday).  At the Widow Beeman’s[1] (who was very bountiful, Sending Pork, Beef, and Cheese to my Wife).  N.B. The remarkable Number of Teams and market Horses going to Boston, yesterday and to Day — no less than 19 Teams only from Sutton yesterday.  P.M. visited Samuel Hardy junior who is very ill of a Fever.  Was at Mr. Moses Warrins, Mr. Grouts, Phinehas Hardys, etc.

[1]Mrs. Eleazer Beeman.

October 23, 1751

1751 October 23 (Wednesday).  Susen So well that the Doctor ceases his visits, and generously gives his Medicines and visits also.  Sorrowful News of Two Young Women, Daughters of Mr. William Brewer[1] of Shrewsbury, who were drown’d yesterday at Lancaster as they were going to visit a Relation.  Ebenezer design’d to have an Husking this afternoon but being belated in his Invitations was oblig’d to defer it.

[1]Abigail and Elizabeth Brewer were drowned “in a saw mill pond” in Lancaster.  Ward, Shrewsbury, p.245.

October 24, 1751

1751 October 24 (Thursday).  The Wind high and Southerly, the House, especially my Chamber, So fill’d with smoke that I was oblig’d to put out my Fire; this is to my great Disappointment after so much trouble and Charge to obtain Good Chimneys.  Sam. Bumpso Clearing by the Stack Yard.  N.B. Mr. Phinehas Hardy goes to Bolton for Lime, for Deacon Newton and me, and return’d at Night empty, bringing only a Bag of Hair from Mr. Samuel Bakers.  P.M. 25 Hands help’d Ebenezer husk.  N.B. Baldwin, John Woods and Sam. Bumpso went.

October 29, 1751

1751 October 29 (Tuesday).  Rode Mr. Williams’s Horse to visit Mr. Amsden again; Mr. Rogers etc.  Din’d at my other House with Mr. Martyn whom I accompany’d hither also.  Lieutenant Hezekiah Ward here.  N.B. Jonathan Bond junior (a Lad) who with my Billy and my Team plough’d in Rye at my Island.  N.B. Mr. Grout, Lieutenant Tainter, Mr. Phinehas Hardy, Samuel Harrington, and Mr. Beriah Rice here.  Consult about a Shed over my Kitchen Chimney and North Door.

October 30, 1751

1751 October 30 (Wednesday).  Jonathan Bond and Billy plough’d in Rye again.  Mr. John Beaton din’d here.  Mr. Bliss[1] and Deacon Miles[2] of Concord here, going to a Council at Sutton.  N.B. Mr. Hezekiah How help’d Ebenezer kill the Cow which I bought some Years ago of Ebenezer Maynard.  Baldwin yesterday and to Day about the Garrett Stairs.  It grows very Cold and we are Scanted for Wood; nor can I as yet tell what way I am like to have supply.

[1]The Reverend Daniel Bliss.

[2]Samuel Miles.

October 31, 1751

1751 October 31 (Thursday).  Mr. Harrington brought a Load of Wood.  So faithful and bountiful is Divine Providence and so kind and unwearied this good Neighbour (under God) to assist me!  Billy brought over a side of Beef.  Samuel and Hannah Hicks in their Return here.  P.M. walk’d to Deacon Newton; and thence to Justice Bakers.  Had his mare to visit Samuel Hardy junior, and old Mr. Fay.  Mr. Bliss return’d from Council at Sutton and call’d but I was not at home.  Mr. Baldwin for 2 or Three Days about the Garrett stairs