September 30, 1751

1751 September 30 (Monday).  Samuel Bumpso mows Shrubb Bushes all Day.  P.M. This Parish met.  I sent a Memorial to the Meeting at the very juncture that a Committee (Mr. Williams and Ensign Miller) were coming to me to see if I had any Thing that I would communicate to them.  By and by Lieutenant Tainter came to me from the people to acquaint me that they had granted no otherwise than they us’d to do (400£ old Tenor).  I Sent a Reply and Request in Writing.  At Eve Captain Baker and Mr. Whipple came and acquainted me that they had consider’d what I Sent to them and had granted 50£ old Tenor more.  But had done Nothing about the Wood, That being an Article which they could not manage by virtue of this present Warrant: But people would have it in their Thoughts — and doubtless prepare themselves to Say Something about it when there could be Preparation Time for it.