September 24, 1751

1751 September 24 (Tuesday).  Went to See little Breck at t’other House — found him better.  Mr. Jotham Maynard came from Mr. Joshua Townsend to desire me to attend the Funeral of a Child of his (about 5 Years old) who has dy’d of the Throat Distemper — He having bury’d his son Joshua, near 10 years old, of the Same Distemper — Mr. Martyn gone to Stow.  I rode over, and din’d with Mrs. Martyn.  N.B. Messrs. Whitney (of Nitchewog),[1] Maccarty, Davis, and Humphreys[2] — going to the Ordination at Weston.  Mrs. Martyn rode with me to the Burying at Mr. Townsends.  N.B. very few males only 2 from the Neighbourhoood there, till they were oblig’d to send out for Neighbours to come and assist by which means they made it late.

[1]The Reverend Aaron Whitney of the plantation called Nichewoag, which became the town of Petersham in 1754.

[2]The Reverend James Humphrey (Harvard 1744), the minister of Payquage or Pequoig plantation (later the town of Athol), 1750-1782.  Sibley, XI, 416-418.