September 22, 1751

1751 September 22 (Sunday).  Very cold Morning.  Very great Frost.  Sometimes doubted whether I could venture to meeting, having Such a Pain in my Back.  With much Difficulty I went.  Read Numb. 16.  Forenoon Exercise was an Exposition of the former part of the chapter to number 15.  P.M. Read Rom. 6.  Made some brief Observations upon it.  Preach’d on Col. 3.7.8.  Made use of the greatest part of what is under Doct. 4 from 1 Cor. 6.11, but with Alterations and Additions.  Heard that Mrs. Mary Bennett, Shopkeeper in Boston dy’d lately.  May God Sanctifie this to me, as I was considerably acquainted with her!  She was a person of uncommon Abilitys and Attainments.