September 20, 1751

1751 September 20 (Friday).  Mr. Willson and Abner Rice on the Top of the Chimney a.m. but having work’d up my few Bricks, it is left still unfinish’d.  The Company return’d to Boston: Molly accompany’d them to Marlborough.  N.B. Neighbour Eliezer Rice here at Evening and asks for another Church-Meeting.  I give him Several Reasons why it is at this Time utterly unsuitable — especially considering the present frame of many persons by Reason of the Contentions at Court — besides that it is but a little while since we had one at his Desire.  Nor was there any Time for me to think of it, my Preparations for the Sabbath being now in Hand, and have but little Opportunity for them.  But he went away dissatisfy’d.  See a loose paper.