September 17, 1751

1751 September 17 (Tuesday).  Neighbour Barns Sign’d a Deed for 4 Acres of Swamp and Upland joining to my old place: and paid him 27 Dollars for it.  Hannah Pratt, our Nurse went away.  I went over to Neighbour Hows again about Bricks.  Job Cushing junior there from Day to Day with 3 Teams — so that I cannot be Supply’d — for the Kiln turns out poorly, many being broke.  Both Cushing and I pick’d out many halves.  The whole ones 15/ per Hundred.  At Night Rain — in the Rain and Dark came Mr. William Winter of Boston, and Dr. Parkmans Widow, and Mr. Henry Newhall’s Wife — Two Chairs.  Not having got our Beds from t’other House I was oblig’d to go with Mr. Winter to Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s and we lodg’d there.