September 16, 1751

1751 September 16 (Monday).  Very Early in the Morning came Mr. Richard Barns — he tells me that whereas Deacon Newton had sued him for money, and he had resolv’d to withstand him on account of Exorbitant Interest, yet the Deacon after the sermon, yesterday p.m. Spoke to him as soon as they came out of meeting, and desir’d he might See him early next Morning that they might agree, he was now going up to him — But he had an Affair of yet greater Difficulty, for Mr. Gamel (he said) was going to throw him into Jayl and the Execution has been already serv’d upon him, and he must go unless he could this Day obtain 60£ old Tenor value in silver; therefore pray’d me to help him, and offer’d me part of his Land on Sale: would let me have 3 or 4 acres of the Land next to mine.  I told him I did not care to Trade with him at Such a Time as this was, with both him and me.  With him, as he was in Such a Straight that he would be oblig’d to Sell cheaper than it was worth; and with me, as I was already plung’d deeply into Debt both for Land and for my New House.  But he still insisted — and told me that he knew where I could get the money, but he could not upon which he induc’d me to go to Marlborough.  As I went I eat at Deacon Matthias Rice’s — made the Rest of my Dining among Dr. Gotts Children.  It was Proprietors Meeting at Marlborough.  I attended it and presented the plot of 5 Acres etc joining to Chauncy Cedar Swamp and Meadows.  Captain Maynard oppos’d it again, as did Ensign Josiah Rice, and though it was put to vote, it did not pass.  I was oblig’d to defer it, and I soon retir’d; try’d to hire money for Neighbour Barns.  Succeeded at Mr. Jacob Felton’s[1] — receiv’d 28 Dollars.  N.B. Could get but 250 whole Bricks at Neighbour Benjamin Hows.

[1]At one time a lieutenant and a selectman of Marlborough.