September 5, 1751

1751 September 5 (Thursday).  I observ’d the Day in some Religious Manner.  (Vide Natal.)  Mr. Haven din’d here.  I was in some Difficulty to break off from my retir’d Employment to wait upon him, and not discover my Engagedness another way.  I remember’d the words of the Lord in Mat. 6.18.  That thou appear not to mean to fast: and agreeably I went down, convers’d, and eat somewhat at Table — but fearing this interruption I improv’d all the forepart of the Day as Separately as I could.  But alas!  all is too broken, uninfluencing, ineffectual!  God of his infinite Mercy and Graciousness, pitty and pardon, and grant His Grace and Mercy to Me for the great Redeemers Sake!  At Eve Mr. Whipple and Mr. Biglo here.

[The following appears in the Natalitia for September 5, 1751:] I Endeavour’d to employ myself Separately and religiously — chiefly in the following Acts of Thanksgiving and Praise; Humiliation and Penitence; Supplication and Intercession; Self-Dedication and renewing Covenant with God; Resolutions; Considerations of Frailty and Morality.  In Petitioning and Supplicating the Throne of Grace, Special Subjects were, Pardon and Sanctification, Ministerial Qualifications and Success, That God would Sanctifie my present new Circumstances in my beginning the World again in this New Habitation, and particularly Direction and Wisdom to Conduct as all my present state and Case is, Grace to Discharge Relative Dutys, The Spirit of God to Prepare for Death and Eternity, Intercession for especially My Wife — Children — each of them — the Infant — Flock — for Ministers — State of Religion — Friends and Relations.