September 4, 1751

1751 September 4 (Wednesday).  Mr. Biglo Sent his Son Cornelius to cutt Stalks at the Island.  P.M. a number more of Lads came, Viz. Joseph and James Bowman: Samuel and Joseph Harrington, Thomas Hardy, and Daniel Grout, who cutt the rest of the Stalks at the Island and Pik’d up those which were cutt in the forenoon by about 5 o’clock p.m.  At Evening reckon’d with Mr. Samuel Hardy, for his cutting and raking and cocking Hay at the ministerial Meadow, and instead of 8£ old Tenor which he took it for, I allow’d him nine; and this even although, by Divine Providence there was a Considerable Quantity was never rak’d at all, and Some Loads which were Carted home, or stack’d at the Meadow, were so wash’d with heavy Rains that it was of but little Value.  Mr. Samuel Haven here and went over to t’other House to lodge.  Ebenezer has kill’d some Veal and brought us a part.