July 22, 1751

1751 July 22 (Monday).  Call’d at Mr. Smiths: broke fast at Deacon Matthias Rice’s and came home in Safety.  Thanks to God!  Ebenezer and Thomas Mowing — part of the Barley.  Benjamin Gott came up with a Chair and carry’d down his aunt to See his Father.  Mrs. Mary Bradish pulls Flax.  Neighbour John Rogers, with his Oxen added to my Team, went with Ebenezer to Meadow and brought home Two Load of Hay.  Molly to Deacon Forbush.  Sent my Horse to Boston per Ebenezer Forbush for my Brother William.  N.B. On the 22nd at Eve, while I was in great Concern of Mind about Mrs. Rachel Pratts State (apprehended to be dying and yet uncertain whether she was ready) She receiv’d gracious manifestations and discoverys of the preciousness of the Lord Jesus Christ and her Interest in Him.  Glory be to the Name of God!