July 19, 1751

1751 July 19 (Friday).  Ebenezer to the Meadow to Cart Hay; Mr. Samuel Hardy who has taken it to Cut and rake it having been with 4 Hands, the Day before yesterday to mow, and Two Hands yesterday to rake.  Mr. David Baldwin and I reckon’d — and he consented to take an hundred pounds old Tenor for work and stuff which I have had of him paid him 20£ old Tenor (which makes up 45£ of what I have paid him in Cash) receiv’d his Order to pay Mr. Stephen Maynard 40£ and gave him a Note for 15 more (old Tenor).  Mr. Morris[1] made us a visit — Mr. Stone and his Spouse with him.  But my wife exceeding ill: vomiting etc.  The Company din’d with us.  Mr. Morris lodg’d here.  My wife grew better.  Blessed be God!

[1][Additional note: This is probably a reference to Judah Monis (1683-1764), Harvard’s first instructor in Hebrew.  He was a brother-in-law of John Martyn, minister of the north precinct of Westborough (later Northborough); Sibley, VII, 639-46.  See also the references to “Morris,” July 20-21.]