July 14, 1751

1751 July 14 (Sunday).  Read Numb. 7.  Preach’d a. and p.m. on Isa. 7.14.  P.M. read Acts 25.  Din’d as usual, at Justice Bakers.  N.B. Mr. Eliezer Rice proposes to offer his infant Child to Day on his Wife’s Right, but understanding that I Should Say so in the Congregation he resisted — and being willing and desirous to gratifie him I stop’d the Church to ask them whether it would not Satisfie them (Since they had known how the Case was, and they so would know that it was only on the Mothers Right) if I should proceed to baptize that Child when it shall be offer’d without saying anything Publickly at the time of the Administration.  Their Silence was propos’d should give Consent; and it did so.  I publickly desir’d the Members of other Churches would get their Dismissions.