July 8, 1751

1751 July 8 (Monday).  Church Meeting at one p.m. at the Desire of Eliezer Rice, who wants to have his infant Child baptiz’d but acknowledges himself though not utterly to deny Original Sin, yet to be most apt to deny the Imputation of Adams Guilt to his Posterity.  Mr. Rice did not appear to be very expert in the Controversy: and was therefore perswaded to take things into better Consideration.  After Meeting call’d in to see Mrs. Pratt (as I frequently do passing backwards or forwards) but she is now as a breathing Corps.  Sir Forbush was with me — and Mr. Martyn and his wife were at our House.  N.B. Mr. Martyn Show’d me the Advertisement which is publish’d by my Direction of Proposals to print a Collection of Poems, etc.  He informed me also of a Fast which Dr. Gott proposes to have kept at his House next week, by the assistance of Mr. Smith, Mr. Martyn and Mr. Stone.