July 4, 1751

1751 July 4 (Thursday).  Last night were heavy rains and high winds.  This morning very rainy, even to floods.  P.M. came two of Brother Hicks’s Daughters, Viz. Hannah and Betty.  Would have gladly attended the private Meeting, which I hear is at Mr. Whitnys, but I expected an Invitation and an Horse, if they desir’d me; but neither Word or Horse had I.  Yet I do not resent it; for possibly they know not I am in Town — though I may think that enough has been Said to Spread the Knowledge of it.  It was also somewhat Showery.  P.M. Several Neighbours join’d together to levell the Bank of Gravell at the West End of my New House.  They were Neighbour Ebenezer and Nathan and Phinehas Maynard.  John Rogers and John Frost and Cornelius Cook.  Mrs. Pratt sinks yet lower.