March 5, 1751

1751 March 5 (Tuesday).  The Storm yet more tedious, Snowing, blowing and Cold, all Day and Night.  I was chiefly engag’d in reading Expositors and other writers on my design’d Text and Subject — a faithfull minister.  Read especially Davenant on the Colossians.[1]  I bless God my own Soul not altogether unaffected!  Find I have great Reason for Deep Humilliation for my unqualifydness and great unfaithfullness — the Lord pardon me, through the Great Saviour!  N.B. I had appointed a Catechizing at the Meeting House to Day, but the Storm prevented going out.

[1]John Davenant, Expositio Epistolae D. Pauli and Colossenses (Cantab., 1627).  Two other Latin editions were published in 1630 and 1639.