June 1, 1750

1750 June 1 (Friday).  Thomas return’d to Concord; and Mrs. Nanny and Beckky Gott with him as far as Marlborough.  Ebenezer and Joseph put up a Partition Fence from South to North in the upper part of the Great Pasture.  I finish’d the Life of Miley Ismael Emperor of Morocco.[1]  P.M. Mr. Millen[2] and his Spouse, accompany’d by Mr. Palmer,[3] Schoolmaster, here.  The Weather, especially in the Nights, very Cool for Some Time.

[1]John Harrison, The Tragicall Life and Death of Muley Abdala Melek, the late King of Barbarie (Delph, 1633).

[2]The Reverend John Mellen of Sterling.

[3]Joseph Palmer (Harvard 1747) kept school in Westborough and neighbouring towns for about 2 years.  He was the second minister of the First Church in Norton, 1753-1791.  Sibley, XII, 197-199.