April 1, 1750

1750 April 1 (Sunday).  A.M. on Exod. 19.  I din’d at Justice Bakers.  Mr. Stoddard din’d with my Wife at Home.  P.M. I read Luke 21, and gave brief Exposition of my Hints.  Preach’d on Ps. 26.9, former part, and use of Sermon on Isa. 33.14 from page 29 to 47 omitting from page 37 to page 40 near the bottom, and omitting from page 42 to middle of page 46.

April 2, 1750

1750 April 2 (Monday).  I waited on Mr. Stoddard to Captain Maynards, and rode with him as far as Lieutenant Brighams — return’d home to Dinner.  N.B. Two Foot Travellers from Medfield brought the sorrowfull Tidings of the Death of my dear Friend the Reverend Mr. Henry Messenger of Wrentham, who deceas’d last Wednesday of a Fever.  They inform likewise that old Deacon Bellows[1] of Southborough dy’d this Day.  Mr. Seth Hudson whose Horse Mr. Thomas Stoddard had bought, was here: Judge Ward made me a Visit.  N.B. Mr. Jonathan Fay brought home my Young Horse, he having kept him hitherto and asks me 30/ old Tenor per Week.

[1]John Bellows.

April 4, 1750

1750 April 4 (Wednesday).  Took my Horse at Neighbour Hezekiah Pratts, who kindly kept him last night, and rode to Mr. Benjamin Fays for keeping, for him but in vain — din’d at Mr. Moses Brighams.  At Eve heard that Mr. William Jenison[1] is dead.

[1]Jenison (Harvard 1724) had preached and taught at various places including Westborough.  Sibley, VII, 371-374.

April 8, 1750

1750 April 8 (Sunday).  Read Exod. 19 from number 7, ad fin. and Exposition of which was the forenoon Exercise.  I din’d at Justice Bakers; my Wife and divers others came home.  Patty Pannell and little Susan stay’d at the Meeting House.  P.M. read Luke 22 and to 38th number and since there have been Such a Number of Deaths of Late (which I have been inform’d of) of persons I have been acquainted with, but especially that I might drop a Tear over my Friend Mr. Messenger, I preach’d on Zech. 1.5, and my own Soul be suitable affected and profited hereby!

April 9, 1750

1750 April 9 (Monday).  Took a Walk first to visit Nathan Maynard who is Sick: to old Mr. Whipples where I din’d.  P.M. was at Deacon Newtons and got him to go with me to view Mr. Cooks Island — we had Lieutenant Bruce and Mr. Cook there to shew the Bounds.  At Eve at Mr. Nurse’s.  N.B. he has got a Barrell of Tar, to make Tar-Water.

April 10, 1750

1750 April 10 (Tuesday).  I went to Captain Maynards — he grows Still crosser, and appears angry at Every Thing.  Nay even at Goodhues rates being mix’d with his on the Same Paper, though I was desir’d one Time after another to have Goodhue’s reckon’d at the same Time, Mr. Stephen Maynard being to Act for him — But the Captain would have nothing to do with Goodhue’s Affairs.

April 16, 1750

1750 April 16 (Monday).  My Wife and I rode up to Mr. Winchesters to see their Daughter Prudence who is consuming away.  We din’t there.  In returning call’d at Mr. Benjamin Fays.  N.B. Mrs. Miles of Concord there in a very gloomy disconsolate Condition.  Catechiz’d at the Meeting House, 43 Children, males and Females.  My wife waited for me with the Chair, at Mr. Fays and at Deacon Newtons.  The Earth wears a pleasant Green again.  Blessed be God!

April 17, 1750

1750 April 17 (Tuesday).  Mr. Ezekiel Dodge came here last Night from Abington with Letter to our Church to request Assistance in his Ordination, and with a Special Request to Me in particular which I am full of Fears I can’t comply with my reason of my great Perplexity about my Building.  P.M. I made a visit to Mr. Stephen Fay and his Wife who are tomorrow to move to Lambs Town.  N.B. Neighbour Benjamin Fay and Neighbour Eliezer Rice there when I talk’d to them.  In returning I call’d at Esq. Bakers.  N.B. Consult him about my Building.  N.B. Strange accounts about Mr. Jonas Child, his Conduct about his bargaining away his place and beating his wife and Children.

April 20, 1750

1750 April 20 (Friday).  Messrs. Gale and Rogers go into a Ministerial Lott as agreed Yesterday but they find only Two sticks and cutt but one of them.  It rain’d also and beat ‘em off in the forenoon.  I rode to the South Side as far as Mr. Charles Bruce’s — din’d at Mr. Bowmans.  Proceeded to Mr. James Bradishes accompany’d by Mr. Bowman and engag’d him to work on my intended Frame.  Was at divers Houses besides, promoting the Same Affair.  For the Time of preparing to build is so far elaps’d that unless I am very industrious and Successfull there can be little Hopes of getting into an House before next Winter.  But I meet with considerable Encouragement — and especially from Mr. Bowman, who likewise presented me a Bushel and half of Indian Corn, and carried it to Lieutenant Tainters, in order to its being Sent to Mill.  Visited Mr. Bonds[1] Family who are newly come into Town.

[1]Jonathan Bond had lived earlier in Waltham and Mendon.

April 21, 1750

1750 April 21 (Saturday).  Brother Hicks here from Cambridge and brings me the very Sorrowfull News of the Death of my Reverend and valuable Pastor, Mr. Webb of Boston.  May God Sanctifie this Dispensation to me, to the Bereaved Flock at the New North in Boston, and to the bereaved Colleague, and Family in particular!  We have great reason to mourn and grieve for the Interest of Religion in this Day when such Sound, pious, usefull Men are, one after another removed from us.  O that God would have mercy on us when So many Sad Aspects appear!  N.B. Remarkable Gusts of Wind.

April 22, 1750

1750 April 22 (Sunday).  A.M. read Exod. 20 from number 18 — gave some Exposition of the Second Commandment — din’d at Justice Bakers.  Walk’d up and back.  P.M. read Luke 23 to number 27.  Preach’d on Eph. 2.8 latter part.  Us’d my Sermon on the forepart of this number from page 10 to 16 with many alterations and added some Account of Reverend Mr. Webb.  After the Exercises read the Letter from Abington, requesting the Church to assist in the Ordination of Mr. Dodge[1] — the Church votes Complyance.[2]  But some did not vote among the Rest Deacon Newton,[3] who gave this Reason that the Church had no Return made ‘em of Shrewsbury Council’s Proceedings — No Result.  This answer of the Deacons Troubled me because the Deacon had several Opportunitys to have Spoken to me in private but never gave me any hint of disquietment.

[1]Ezekiel Dodge (Harvard 1749) had been a supply preacher in several towns of central Massachusetts.

[2]The church voted to send Francis Whipple and Simon Tainter to Abington ordination.  Westborough Church Records, April 22, 1750.

[3]Josiah Newton.

April 23, 1750

1750 April 23 (Monday).  Mr. Martyn brought Mrs. Molly, his Daughter here, and rode himself to Grafton-Church Meeting which was concerning the Ordination of Mr. Hutchinson.  N.B. Mrs. Sibyl Child in distress about her Husband, Mr. Jonas Child, who is Supposed to be delirious.  She Send for me and I went today.  Din’d at Mr. Harringtons — went to Mr. Grows and Ensign Millers.  I went also and talk’d with Deacon Newton.  Mr. Martyn here at Night.

April 25, 1750

1750 April 25 (Wednesday).  Neighbour William Rogers junior work’d for me.  I rode to Mr. Jonas Brighams to Send an Answer to a Letter from my Brother William concerning Captain Stansbury’s Negro.  But they Set out Early — however I put on hastily after them and proceeded down the Road till overtook Mr. Twitchell with the Team.  From thence I rode to Mr. Stones but he was again gone to Boston.  Was at old Mr. Johnsons and at Mr. Amsdens and took particular Demensions of the Timber for my House, of Abijah Gale whom I employ’d to undertake my Frame.  When I return’d, Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury was here and din’d with us.  N.B. Joseph Bruce came to work for me this afternoon.  N.B. Mr. Jeremiah Fowler and Captain Maynard here.  The former brought a Jackal, an Entertaining Sight.  How wondrously are the Works of God diversify’d!  How manifest are thy Works, O Lord!  in wisdom hast thou made them all!

April 26, 1750

1750 April 26 (Thursday).  Joseph Bruce works for me.  Mr. Martyn and his Spouse made us a Visit.  My wife and I, in our Chair, wait on them in theirs, over to the Meeting House Ground, to see the places which are recommended for my building Spot.  N.B. We went round by Mr. Ebenezer Rice’s, where was Mr. Fowler with his Jackall, who invites us up Chamber to See him and his pranks.  So many resort there to see this Strange Creature that I am doubtful what the Event will be.  N.B. Mr. Martyn as Moderator of the Church in Grafton draws Letters Missive to the Churchs which they invite to the Ordination of Mr. Hutchinson.

April 29, 1750

1750 April 29 (Sunday).  Read Exod. 21.  Gave an Exposition of the Third Commandment a. and p.m.  Din’d at Justice Bakers; my Wife, Ebenezer and Molly, Lucy and Sarah and Alexander likewise.  Joseph Bruce and Patty Pannell, who were all of my Family that were at meeting — came home to Dinner.  I rode to meeting p.m. on Justice Bakers Horse.  P.M. I read Luke 23 throughout.  O that we might not take the Name of our God in Vain in our religious Services!  and that we might not miss of the Blessing of the Sabbath!  Very weary at Night So that I lay down.

April 30, 1750

1750 April 30 (Monday).  Rode to Mr. Dunlops to see him in his Sickness.  Lieutenant Tainter blooded him.  I return’d with him to his House, as a terrible Storm of Thunder and Rain arose.  Din’d at Lieutenant Tainters.  P.M. visited old Mrs. Dorcas Forbush.  N.B. Mr. David Batherick fell upon me as I was coming out of the Door with bitter Resentments of Abuse, because when I yesterday, for the last singing in Publick appointed Mean Tune to be sung, and he instead of Mean, Set Canterbury (as I thought through either Mistake, or because he could not strike upon Mean at that Time) I set the Tune mention’d myself.  Nor did I know that this or the other Triple Time Tunes were displeasing to any, till he now makes it one aggravation of the Offence that I knew that people did not like it and yet I would Sett it.  N.B. Mrs. Batherick Said there was one who said he would go out if that Tune was Sung.  I answer’d that (who ever he was) he was (or would be if he Should do so) a Blockhead for his Pains.  N.B. Lieutenant Thomas Forbush sat by and heard his Bitterness.  N.B. I was very much mov’d, and gave him Some deserv’d Correction.  But the Lord forgive what was amiss in me at this Critical Juncture.  When I came home, I found here Mr. Samuel Haven[1] of Framingham who desires he may come and board at my House and study Divinity.

[1](Harvard 1749).  The son of the prominent office holder of Framingham, Joseph Haven.  Temple, Framingham, p. 579.