March 15, 1750

1750 March 15 (Thursday).  Public Fast.  Preach’d on Jer. 5 from number 20 to 25 and read number 29 a. and p.m.  P.M. I improv’d some Heads in sermon on Isa. 33.14, viz. from page 5 to 14.  Sometimes only here and there a Sentence, as particularly from page 9 to 12.  My Wife and Lucy walk’d to meeting; Molly rode with me on the Mare.  It prov’d very Cold: at length snow’d.  I went to Deacon Newtons at Noon.  My wife, Molly and Lucy stay’d at the Meeting House, because of the storm.  After Meeting the storm being exceeding Strong, the Snow beating very vehemently, my wife rode home with me, Esq. Baker kindly Sent a Son with an Horse to help Molly home, and Mr. Eliezer Rice kindly help’d Lucy home, So that we got home in Some Comfort to what it would have otherwise been, but I think it was more tedious than any Sabbath through the Winter.  May God be pleas’d to forgive our Defects bless his holy word; hear our Supplications and be reconcil’d to us!  N.B. I was not only oblig’d to undergo such a storm after preaching, but to look after my Creatures at the Barn.  My Health has been much expos’d to Day.