December 31, 1749

1749 December 31 (Sunday).  A moderate pleasant Day.  A.M. I read Exod. 12.29 to 36.  The Exposition was the forenoon Exercise.  I din’d at Esq. Bakers.  My Wife and Children return’d home in the Slay.  P.M. I read Luke 12 to 21.  Sermon on Jer. 6.16.  In both the Exercises I had reference to the Concluding of the Year.  May God accompany etc.  Had some lively sense of our Mortal state.  May God impress my Soul thoroughly!  That when not only Years, but Time itself Shall finish, I may be ready!  may be Secure and Happy — But I see I had need to be awake, and diligent for the Grand Period hastens upon Me apace.  May God almighty and most mercifull grant His needed Grace!