December 18, 1749

1749 December 18 (Monday).  Court held at Esq. Wards,[1] the Opposite Party to those which prosecuted on Saturday, viz. Captain Drury and now prosecutor Temple’s son, Eleazer Whitney and Two of Mr. William Nurse’s sons, for their Behaviour.  Samuel Bumpso here to borrow money, but declar’d himself to have been clear, not so much as a witness, nor any way concern’d, only that he ow’d his Landlord Fay some Money, and he now wanted it.  I lent him 82/.  A very Cold Day.  P.M. Mrs. Ann Maynard made us a Visit, and it was at the Time when Oliver Whitney[2] and Dorcus Forbush[3] were marry’d.  Neighbour Noah How came and took away Eight stray Sheep to keep, and legally Stray ‘em.

[1]Nahum Ward of Shrewsbury.

[2]The son of Nathaniel Whitney.

[3]The daughter of the late Thomas Forbush.