August 31, 1749

1749 August 31 (Thursday).  Forbush came in the Morning (according to Agreement last night to carry Mrs. Grice back to Boston) he being about to return to College, and Lieutenant Tainter offer’d his Horse (if we could not do better with her) to draw her to Boston.  The Doctor had said to Me, that she could by no Means be fitt to keep here, but get her to the place from whence she came.  I found She grew ill-humour’d, and us’d indecent Language — abusing my Kindness to her — So that I was oblig’d to put on a stern Air; and with a Resolute Mind got her from her Bed.  My Horse follow’d after to assist if there be need.  Thus I bid adieu to her who had been so great a Vexation to me.  But what was very Cutting was, that She seem’d averse to hearing anything about her Soul, her sins, or another World.  The Lord who alone is able, be pleas’d to awaken her to Repentance.  Ebenezer return’d home before Night, having Seen her along as far as into Sudbury — but he brought me a very grieving Letter from Mr. Jotham Brown of Sudbury that he had not work enough; and that his Circumstances were such that he could not take Thomme again.  But Let the Lord do what seemeth [to] Him good!