August 28, 1749

1749 August 28 (Monday).  Early in the Morning as soon as there came any to the Meeting House I stept up and pray’d that they would give me Opportunity to Speak with the Precinct before they proceeded to their work.  Mr. Jonas Brigham, one of the Committee for the work, was there and said they would Stay, that I might.  Others Said the Like.  I hasten’d back and while I was writing was call’d — the Committee (Said Mr. Brigham, Mr. Benjamin Fay, and Mr. Timothy Warrin) being below.  I went down — they Said they were come to See whether I had any thing to offer.  I told ‘em (having my paper in my Hand) that I wanted to Speak with the precinct before they proceeded to take down the Meeting House.  They answered that they were the Servants of the Precinct — and Seem’d desirous to hear it and were in haste to go to work.  I read it and still said I wanted to Speak to the Precinct.  They undertook to answer with respect to the last article, which respected my Near Neighbours — but said nothing to the rest of the paper, but in an hurry added that they did not see any Thing but that they might go up to the work and So left Me.  N.B. Lieutenant Tainter was also present and heard what I read.  Captain Maynard and Ensign Josiah Rice came in a little Time from the Meeting House and wanted to know Something of a propos’d, peacefull meeting — and intimated that they thought themselves impos’d upon — and hop’d I would now see that there was a flame — acquainting me that word was brought to the Meeting House (as Deacon Newton, they Said, inform’d them) that they had Sent a Message to me and the return was that I had Nothing to Say.  (N.B. Captain Baker had been here and told me that his Saturday Endeavour was not to Effect, so that laying with this what Deacon Newton told me yesterday as I went up the Pulpit stairs p.m., I concluded there was nothing of meeting or Conference to be Expected.)  Upon Captain Maynards saying this, I wanted to see the Deacon that I might know how it could be so understood.  Captain went up and brought the Deacon to me.  Others of the Neighbours Came and I endeavour’d to make them Sensible that I had prepar’d something and would fain have gone up to the people if I could have had opportunity but was disappointed through these means.  The House was uncover’d, unclos’d after the Pulpit, Pews, and seats were taken down — Several Carts kept going all Day.  A Melancholly Sight!  But Many that came in would express their Compassionate Hopes and Wishes.  Most of all my Dependence be on the God that has in Providence brought me here and protected and provided for me hitherto!  N.B. Mr. Martyn[1] here as he went to Grafton Church Meeting to choose a minister.  At Eve Mr. Josslyn[2] here complaining of my Lateness at Meeting on the Sabbaths.  Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlin with him, whose wife Said that Sabbath was Sennight it was 4 o’Clock p.m. when we went to Meeting (for Second service of the Day), whereas, as I remember, the sun was about an Hour and half high when we left off — that is, about 5 o’Clock.  What Service was performed took up not much less time than Two Hours and half So that we went not at much after 1/2 past Two.  Yet were they Confident that we began past 4.  Mr. Martyn came in and acquainted me that at Grafton they had chose Mr. Hutchinson.

[1]The Reverend John Martyn of the north precinct.

[2]Joseph Joslin.