August 27, 1749

1749 August 27 (Sunday).  I arrive at this Day with a great deal of heavy Pressure upon my Spirits.  I find it necessary to compose myself in the middst of many Temptations and Trials.  There is Some reason to fear it will be the last Sabbath we shall ever have in this Meeting-House.  The Morning was Cloudy and rainy.  I was deceiv’d by my watch and went to Meeting late But I was also behind hand in my preparations as any one would justly conceive, having so very little Time to Study in the week.  For the forenoon Exercise I deliver’d (with alterations) Sermon on Ps. 144.15th.  Read Genesis 49.  P.M. Luke 2.  Admitted Mr. David Batherick and Wife into the Church and administer’d the Lord’s Supper.  Very late, full Two o’Clock when we came out of the Meeting House (nor was it much more) I requested the Communicants to return Somewhat Sooner to Meeting again than usual after Sacrament because I perceiv’d it was very late.  P.M. Deacon Newton inform’d me that their Endeavour yesterday among those who were against the taking down the Meeting House, in order to peace, was not successful.  I preach’d on Rev. 3.3, former part, but I did not finish the Subject.  But O that God would enable us to comply with such needful Counsel as this word exhibits.  N.B. Mrs. Grice lyes by.