August 17, 1749

1749 August 17 (Thursday).  Mr. Farrand had sent me word that if I could not dispose of my Horse better I might Send him up to Worcester and he would give me 90£ to be paid at December 25 and he would wait for me til 12 o’clock: And Mr. Woolly of Holden with whom I had agreed to make me a Cyder Mill may very likely be at Mr. Cushings putting up his Mill.  These Things induced me to think that way, being especially very loath to loose an opportunity to Putt away my Horse — but many incumbrances, perplexing Thoughts about getting up the Maid from Boston, writing to Mr. Minot about changing at Upton, and to Mr. Jotham Brown of Sudbury about Thomas — Company here (Mr. Loring and Mr. Millen) with many other Things made me late; and Mr. Martyn had also engag’d me, if I could, to preach his Lecture?  I e’en gave up the Affairs of Worcester and Shrewsbury.  Visited Mr. Tomlin in his Languishment and preach’d at the Northside on 1 Cor. 11.31.  N.B. Mr. Martyn and his Spouse So much Expected me (Yet I told him he might not depend upon me) and also to See my Wife with me, that they were greatly disappointed, and I seem’d to be hardly welcome without her.  After Meeting I rode to Deacon Matthias Rice’s, he being this Evening going to Boston.  I left him my Horse to lead down for the Maid, again: I came home o’foot.  Daniel Hastings here yet — but is unsettled as to any Business whatever.