August 16, 1749

1749 August 16 (Wednesday).  Association Fast here.  I pray’d in the forenoon and Mr. Maccarty preach’d on Ps. 119.126.  P.M. Mr. Buckminster pray’d and Mr. Barrett preach’d on Mal. 4.2.  Those who came were Messrs. Loring, Cushing, Barrett, Martyn, Stone, Smith, Buckminster, Maccarty, Mellen,[1] Hutchinson.  There came also of Scholars, Sir Cushing[2] and Forbush.[3]  Mr. Loring and Mr. Mellen tarry’d over Night.  O might God accept our Offerings and Humilliations!  Especially may He grant that we mayn’t by all provoke him the more and derive upon us a Curse instead of a Blessing!  N.B. Messrs. Ebenezer Rice, Phinehas Hardy, Benjamin Fay, and Burnap here when very late at Night in their way from Worcester.  And Mr. Hardy having put away his Horse to Mr. Farrand, but under some Discouragement about his Character, says Something about my Horse, yet refuses to buy him unless I will take Farrands Note.  I offer to do this if he will give me 100£– he consents not to this — offers 25.  This I refuse and still insist for 100 if I must be under such a Disadvantage as he himself was So uneasy with.  The Affair was deferr’d till the morning, that he might See the Horse, and if he did not like him be wholly quitt.  Daniel Hastings brought up Molly from Cambridge.  Sarah and Elizabeth Tainter assisted my Wife, but at night went home.

[1]The Reverend John Mellen of Sterling.

[2]Jacob Cushing (Harvard 1748), later the minister of Waltham.

[3]Eli Forbes.