August 8, 1749

1749 August 8 (Tuesday).  I expected Mr. Martyns Company but he came not; I proceeded alone to Grafton Fast preparatory to Calling a Minister.  I began the Exercises with Prayer, Mr. Hall[1] preach’d on Jer. 8.22.  Went to Ensign Whipples[2] at Noon.  Mr. Maccarty[3] pray’d p.m.  I preach’d on 2 Cor. 11.3.  As we supp’d at Ensign Whipples, thither the Church came to take Advice of the Minister what Steps they Should now take.  N.B. Mr. Wellman, Mr. Hutchinson and Sir Dodge[4] there.  Old Mr. Whipple accompany’d me back in the Evening when I return’d.

[1]The Reverend David Hall of Sutton.

[2]James Whipple of Grafton.

[3]The Reverend Thaddeus Maccarty of Worcester.

[4]Ezekiel Dodge (Harvard 1749), later the minister of Abington.