August 1, 1749

1749 August 1 (Tuesday).  Ebenezer and Thomas to the Meadow again.  Deacon Forbush here.  Desires me to preach at his House next Thursday.  I made a Business (of set purpose) of visiting Brother Stephen Fay and his wife to talk with them about going to the Separate Meetings, and having Lay-Preachers and mention’d particularly Dr. Green.  Mr. Cushing and his wife at my House — and din’d with us.  N.B. Billey met me when I was on the Road from Mr. Fays and inform’d me of Mr. Cushing etc. otherwise I Should have visited Mr. James Maynard again.  Mr. Batherick here just at Eve — and Mr. Simon Goddard[1] and wife.  N.B. A Letter from his honour’d Father.

[1]Of Shrewsbury.