July 31, 1749

1749 July 31 (Monday).  Din’d at Deacon Newtons.  P.M. I visited Mr. Bradish and thence rode to Mr. Garfields.  His son Jacob and Wife had been desirous of Special Privileges, and had been at My House, when I was from Home.  I now enter’d into Examination of her first, because of her Circumstances (being near her Time) and then afterwards of him but briefly concerning Some Objections which would be like to be rais’d against him.  But he was Soon So plain as to tell me that if What I had had from him at My House and now (when indeed we had but a few words) did not Satisfy me, he should not trouble me any more, he should go other where, Intimating (as I apprehended) that he design’d to go over to Mr. Price[1] at Hopkinton, and hereby manifesting as he has done by several Things besides that his Mind was upon External Privilege and administration rather than upon inward Benefit or Qualification.  Ebenezer and Thomas to the Meadow to Day.

[1]Commissary Roger Price.