July 30, 1749

1749 July 30 (Sunday).  Mr. Brigham was not here as expected to be taken into the Church.  I read Genesis 45, gave long Exposition.  Preach’d on Jam. 3.16.  P.M. read Mark 15 and gave Exposition(as I have done for a great while) and preach’d on Ps. 34.13, but therein improv’d Sermon on Tit. 2.11.12 from page 81 to 85, and Sermon on Isa. 33.14, page 15, 16, but both these assistances were with great Alterations and additions.  I find a great Deal of Difficulty in providing for so many different kinds of Exercises, with the vast Encumbrance and avocations by my Large Family while my wife has no Maid.