July 29, 1749

1749 July 29 (Saturday).  Sent Billey to Mr. Allens (the miller) with Letter to Mr. Jonathan Goodale about Cart Wheels.  Mr. Charles Brigham of Grafton here with his Relation.  Ebenezer and Thomas to the Meadow.  2 Load more of Hay home.  Billey return’d frustrated as to Mr. Goodale: but from Mr. Martyns with Dissenting Gentlemans Answer to Mr. Whites Letters[1] — and Esq. Prior on Tar-water.[2]

[1][Michaijah Towgood], The Dissenting Gentleman’s Answer to the Reverend Mr. White’s Three Letters, fifth ed. (Boston, 1748).

[2]Thomas Prior, The Authentic Narrative of the Success of Tar Water, in Curing a Great Number and Variety of Distempers (Boston, 1749).  The first edition was published in London in 1746.