July 26, 1749

1749 July 26 (Wednesday).  Great Rains a.m.  When the Rain was over Ebenezer and Thomas went to the Meadow to look after the Hay there.  Samuel Bumpso gave half a Days work.  P.M. my Wife rode with me to the South part of the Town: to Mr. Harringtons, the Widow Woods’s, to Mr. Daniel Forbush’s, and (which was my Chief Design) to Mr. Millers[1] who was married to the widow Margaret How.[2]  At Lieutenant Tainters in returning at Eve, who presented me with a side of Lamb against tomorrow.  Got home safely though somewhat Dark.  Three of Mr. Barns’s Cattle very troublesome one Night after another and now get into the Corn.

[1]James Miller.

[2]Mrs. Nehemiah Howe.