July 19, 1749

1749 July 19 (Wednesday).  I rode very early to Mr. Smiths at Marlborough for his Company to the Association Fast at Stow.  His Wife and her sister went in their Chaise; and he himself rode with me.  There were at Mr. Gardners this Meeting Messrs. Loring, Cushing, Martyn, Stone, Seccomb,[1] Smith, Swift,[2] Goss:[3] and Mr. Hutchinson of Connecticut, preaching at Grafton.  Mr. Gardner began the public exercise with an Excellent prayer.  Mr. Stone preach’d a good, useful Sermon on Mal. 3.16.  P.M. Mr. Goss pray’d and Mr. Cushing preach’d on Mat. 6.10.  Thy Kingdom come.  At Eve Mr. Martyn and I rode to Justice Whitman’s[4] and Mr. Pierce’s[5] where we lodg’d.

[1]The Reverend John Seccomb of Harvard.

[2]The Reverend John Swift, Jr., of Acton.

[3]The Reverend Thomas Goss of Bolton.

[4]John Whitman, a Justice of the Peace.

[5]William Pierce of Stow.