July 15, 1749

1749 July 15 (Saturday).  Cousen Nathaniel Setting Sail for Chebuctoin partnership with William Willson.  I broke fast at Mrs. Keggells, where was Mr. Edward Bass.  I consulted Dr. Davis who has the Care of Molly.  I thereupon ventur’d to return when I had Seen, examin’d and encourag’d her what I could: refresh’d at Mr. Hastings’s and Captain Tainters — also at Colonel Buckminsters[1] — was stopp’d by rain and Thunder at Mr. Morse’s[2] in Framingham and was Shav’d there.  The Storm came on so impetuously that I lodg’d at Mr. Nichols’s.[3]

[1]Joseph Buckminster, the prominent citizen of Framingham.

[2]Jonathan Morse.

[3]Joseph Nichols kept a tavern in Framingham.