July 11, 1749

1749 July 11 (Tuesday).  I went out a.m. to visit Several Familys.  Was at Mr. Moses Brighams and Mr. Eleazer Pratt’s — Mrs. Pratt follow’d with her Fits yet — last night she was much Exercis’d with them.  Din’d at Mr. Grouts.  My Horse was put out at Mr. Jonas Childs (who expected me to have din’d there) while I went to my Exercise.  Cathechiz’d at the South School-House — about 56 or 58, Children attended.  After Exercise I was refresh’d at Mr. Jonas Childs and Forbush was with me.  We went also to Ensign Millers, where Forbush read his account of the Ordination or anointing of one Hovey[1] at Mill-river.  In my returning home I understood that Dr. Green was So conversant with Stephan Fay that it was very likely, he would Shortly preach among us.  News of Mr. Abraham Williams that he preach’d at Concord last Lords Day.  The Face of the Earth is much renew’d since the late Rains.  Showery all Day.  Some Hay has laid out till tis almost rotten — it being a very muggy growing season.

[1]The Reverend Samuel Hovey of the Milford Baptist Church.