July 2, 1749

1749 July 2 (Sunday).  A Very burning Day.  A.M. read Genesis 41 and preach’d on 2 Sam. 21.14.  P.M. read Mark 12, and in preaching carry’d on the Same Design of the forenoon, but made great use of sermon on Tit. 2.12, though with many alterations, frequently mixing Reflections and Exhortations to Repentance.  Our Prayers were fervent for the Divine Compassion under the sore and grievous Drought.  A Storm, with Thunder and Lightning arose at Eve, but there was but a gentle Shower of Rain.  N.B. One of my Young Geese in the Road was found gasping and dy’d — either by the Heat or for Thirst: the Throat, the Grass in it being dry and hard.