March 27, 1749

1749 March 27 (Monday).  I went abroad very Early because of what we had before us.  Was at Mr. Nurse’s[1] where I had a plough, and at Ebenezer Rice’s.  With the following Team and assistance we broke up the ground next to the Swamp.  Besides Daniel with my own Oxen, Neighbour John Rogers with his, Neighbour Tomlin with his, and Nathan Maynard with theirs; to which add Neighbour Benjamin Hows.  P.M. Nathan Maynard drew off, and Stephen Maynard came to work in his room with another Yoke of Oxen, so that we had p.m. 12 Oxen and turn’d it over pritty well.  Mr. Tomlin and Stephen Maynard gave in their work and their Cattle — Neighbour Rogers was very moderate in his Demands.  Mr. Dunlop in the Garden the same Day.

[1]William Nurse.