March 16, 1749

1749 March 16 (Thursday).  In the Morning Mr. Bliss was going to a Fast at Mr. Farrars[1] and my own Business requir’d me to make Dispatch.  Was a little while at Mr. Minots.  But my Design was to find out one Mr. Isaac Taylor, a Gunsmith, with whom I desir’d my son Ebenezer Should live a while to learn that [crossed out] and what else falls into that Trade.  I accordingly went to him and talk’d with him, who deferr’d determining, and promis’d to send me a Letter.  Visited Mr. Whiting,[2] and Captain Peter Prescott[3] — din’d with the Latter — brought from him the works of Machiavell — also a Number of Roots, Cyons and Branches to propagate Mullberry Trees, and Pear Trees etc.  Call’d at Deacon Rice’s in my way up.  Mr. Stone of Southborough came there.  We rode together to Marlborough.  I lodg’d at Mr. Smiths.

[1]Deacon Samuel Farrar.

[2]The Reverend John Whiting (Harvard 1700) was the minister of Concord, 1711-1737.  He opposed the Great Awakening, and New-Lights, pressing a charge of intemperance, secured his removal through an ecclesiastical council in October, 1737.  Sibley, IV, 532- 535-

[3](Harvard 1730).  He practiced law in Boston and Concord, served in the Louisbourg campaign of 1745, and in several others of the French and Indian War.  Prescott was also the clerk of the proprietors of what became Peterborough, N.H.  Sibley, VII I, 772-774.