March 15, 1749

1749 March 15 (Wednesday).  Rode to Marlborough to Deacon Tainters[1] and din’d there.  Went to Mr. Joseph Williams to get some Things for Thomas but could not get at ‘em by reason that the Lock seem’d to have been Strain’d, whether by anybodys trying to open it or by what other means can’t be found.  From thence I proceeded on my Design’d Journey to Mr. Jotham Browns, who with his Lads were gone to a Raising at Mr. Dakins — going there I was compell’d to tarry and sup with ‘em; and then (though it was by this Time Candle-Light) I was oblig’d to visit and pray with his aged Mother.  One Mr. Buss of Concord was going home, with his Wife and they were my Company, in the Evening Ride further.  Mr. Buss accompany’d me to Mr. Bliss’s[2] where I lodg’d.

[1]Simon Tainter, Sr.

[2]The Reverend Daniel Bliss of Concord.