January 27, 1749

1749 January 27 (Friday).  About 4 this Morning came Captain Forbush’s Wife to my Bed Side, and waking me wish’d me Joy with my new Son which was now newly born, a lusty Child and the Mother in great Comfort.  The Name of God be glorify’d!  for though weeping may endure for a Night, yet Joy comes in the Morning.  May this Child (with all my others) graciously given me of God, be the Lords!  Devoted to his Service and an Instrument of his Glory!  A very fine pleasant Day.  Thomas waited on Mrs. Whipple, and Mrs. Eleazer Rice’s wife home in the Slay.  The Rest went home o’foot.  Thus I had very little Trouble in gathering the Women, or waiting on ‘em home.  Thomas brought the widow Mary Fay[1] to nurse, and she watch’d.

[1]The widow of Captain John Fay.