January 26, 1749

1749 January 26 (Thursday).  My Wife has somewhat more distinct Travail pains, but desires to consult Dr. Gott.  Thomas rode to Marlborough with a Letter to him.  He went also to his Master Williams’s, to bring up some More of his Things, and to know more of his Mind, since he had put a Stop to bringing away his Chest.  Thomas carried likewise a Letter directed to the Reverend Mr. Loring, to be lodg’d at Mr. Jonathan Lorings for Conveyance.  P.M. My Wife desires the Assistance of Neighbouring Women.  I tackled up the Slay and went for old Mrs. Whipple and Mrs. Kitty Rice, then for Mrs. How and her Daughter Molly.  Old Mrs. Maynard being notify’d came again; and I had the help of Nathan Maynard to bring Captain Forbush’s Wife.  Thus we were waiting upon the Divine Pleasure this Evening.  Thomas in Return from Marlborough has brought a Letter and Druggs from the Doctors, and word from Mr. Williams (of Marlborough) that he will Shortly come and see me.