January 23, 1749

1749 January 23 (Monday).  A.M. Dodge here.  In my Defence of my Sermon on Eph. 5.14, awake that Sleepest etc. against what Dodge had heard diverse people say of it, I read him the chief of the Notes.  P.M. Deacon Newton came to review the counting of the late Contribution for Mr. Woodwell, and he brought somewhat more which a person put into his Hands, who was not at Meeting on the Day of the Contributions — the whole sum now amounts to £29.11.2.  The precinct also met today to hear the Report of their Committee about the Land which they have pitch upon for the new Meeting House to Stand on: but they are at present at a stand by reason of the Objections of those Rice’s who are fellow-heirs with the late wife of Lieutenant Nathan Brigham of Southborough, who is the present possessor or Claimer of the spot.  N.B. At Eve Several men were in here, after the meeting.  Mr. Daniel Hardy paid me the full of 152£ 10 s. to make up for last Year.  And I gave the precinct a Receipt in full from the Beginning of the precinct to June 5 last.  Lieutenant Forbush was here and he was the first who mention’d to me any Dissatisfaction of his own, with my public Reading of the holy Scriptures in public.  Captain Forbush and Daniel Hardy also offer’d something in my hearing of the like nature.  I endeavour’d further to Vindicate it — and we had fervent argument upon another Point likewise.  Scil. the Beginning of the Sabbath.  I was griev’d to find such a Disposition to Objecting and finding fault — for Lieutenant Said he believ’d we Should not only come to reading the Scripture, but to reading Prayers, for we were got to reading our Notes, whereas our Charge was to preach — not read.  No word in the Bible that we should read, as for singing, he said I had preach’d about it some Time ago and recommended the Duty very much, and that they should all have their Psalm-Books — but now we were going (he thought) to turn it out of the worship, by degrees, for we had got to singing but one Stave.  I answer’d that this was only in extreme Cold Day, or while they were so short that we needed to redeem time, and to Satisfie such people as had most frequently been very uneasy that they could not get home to their Cattle sooner.  And therefore it was exceeding unreasonable to complain of that.  May the Lord pitty and pardon us, for his names sake!  My Wife in the Meantime was extreme full of pain, and when the Company retir’d home I rode to Mr. Maynards and would have got Nathan to go for Mrs. Forbush (the Midwife) but he was not at home.  His Brother Ebenezer offer’d to go; whilst I went myself for Captain Maynards wife: and those Two women were here all night.